Convert your audio and videos from one format to another – ffmpeg

Posted: April 25, 2010 by oorodu in Oor gyan, Uncategorized
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For Linux Oors only 😦

Most of the times, we are faced with the problem of coverting a audio or video from one format to another. It can be a situation where u want to compress a large video into a lower resolution one to reduce its size to fit in your iPod or u want to convert from one format to another so that u can play it in your favourite audio/video player. U may want to convert a recorded (.wav format) audio into (probably a better quality) mp3 for creating a DVD may be…

There is something called ffmpeg in Linux for doing all those (and a lot more things which i don’t know of). But the Oority is that not even most of the Computer Science students do not know of the easy utilities that can do these complicated-looking things for us and go for paid solutions/converters unnecessarily. Most of my friends think that it is troublesome to go through all the download -> compile -> run  phases and still it doesn’t work since there are some mistakes while doing one of the steps or some library is missed out from the installation.

But recently i came across a simpler script which some non-Oor guy wrote for the all the Oors like me out here. This script is a great relief because by using this, u won’t run into issues like – unsupported format/codec stuff which usually happens to Oors like me. To make things even simpler, this guy has also created a script for automatic upgrdation. This works fine even with newer versions of Ubuntu (9.10 and 10.04) which do not support ffmpeg.

For even more Oors, who cannot even copy/paste a command from the internet, there are GUI versions like this and this of it too!! (Man!! How Oor can this get?). With these even Oors can use the most complicated opeations (strictly for Oors only!!) like setting the bitrate and stuff using GUI.

Furthermore, if your requirement is as simple as converting ur video (whatever format/resolution) into a iPod resolution mp4 video, then there is another script you can use. It is called mp4ize and u can use it directly after u have compiled ffmpeg using the above script. If you think all this effort is waste just for watching some shitty movies, wait until a frustrated geek writes an even simpler script to combine these things to make it more Oor for u.

So Oors!! We can save some time, money and usage of our valuble brain in petty issues such as converting a video from one format to another!!

  1. Abhirama says:

    oor ba! just wondering…what made u write a post on video conversion?! I was expecting a very different post (u know exactly what i’m referring to 😉

  2. Shanth-oor says:

    As a Co Oor I appreciate ur attempt 🙂

  3. Raghu kiran says:

    Mama… aaa oor usage kummesaave! very nice

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